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That spark of madness Robin Williams talked about? Yeah, we’re keeping that and using it for good.


Creating with Sarah and Monet..

TO CREATE is one the greatest gifts we share with the world.

Creativity is our gift from Creator.

Using our Creativity in a good way

is our GIFT back to Creator.


“May your life be the greatest work of art

your heart could possibly dream.” - Sarah Poe


The artists

Sarah & Monet are following their dreams… doing their best to create and spread as much love and peace on this beautiful journey.

Mother. Daughter. Artists. Peace Makers. Water Protectors.

We believe creativity, compassion, connection and courage are changing the world. We’re spreading peace, creating connections, making art and using our gifts for the highest good.

Sarah Poe

Sarah is a Mountain Mama by birth; a big hearted nomadic, peace making, creative, activist mama bird. Born in the hills of West Virginia, Sarah grew up playing in the woods with her two brothers, often with camera in hand, ready to document all the magic of life. When her daughter Monet was born in 2000 she left her work as a music teacher to focus on being a mama. A year later she opened a studio in her basement and began her journey as a photographer. In 2004, Sarah and Monet moved to Charleston SC to spend more time with the ocean. Here we found a community that has been easy to call home.

“Being a mama is my greatest honor in this life. Sharing the past (almost) 19 years with this amazing human, Monet has taught me more about myself, about unconditional love, about being unafraid to BE ME. She’s helped me heal parts of myself than no doctor could. We both see the very best in each other and do our best to bring that out in each other. We encourage each other, lift each up and support each others dreams. Life is simply better with her in it. Being a mama is a sacred gift that I truly give thanks for.”


Monet Poe

Monet is a magic maker; a creative, soulful, weirdly wonderful artist following her big dreams. She grew up assisting her mama on photoshoots, even as a toddler, she waddled around the studio making each session quite authentic and joyful. She has a way of helping people feel free and natural in front of the camera and she learned to use a reflector before she could read or write. Monet was homeschooled, encouraged to find her gifts and use them in a good way. She started her first business when she was 11, selling her art and offering face painting at the community farmers market.

Today, Monet paints as much as she can. She photographs and designs shoots with her mom. She is diving into her passion with horses, studying equine healing arts, (massage, reiki and herbalism are on her list) and she dreams of preserving land and building an equine rescue/ healing center one day. She is amazing with the 4 legged friends and loves creating photography with your pets! There’s never a dull moment in this creative journey!

Monet’s heart is the most beautiful gift she shares. She dreams of the world she wants to leave her children one day and she is courageous enough to act on these dreams. She is a peace maker, an Indigenous ally, a water protector, (and my favorite human… says her mom).


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Every session we create with new friends helps us live our personal dream

Thank YOU for believing in this collective vision