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Citizen Artists

Cultural Arts Collaborative


Citizen Artists

Citizen Artist: Someone who has the capacity to think creatively

about a solution to a problem and the courage to then

put that idea into the world


“ Everywhere we travel, we meet people who are dedicating their energy to actively BE THE CHANGE! Positivity is contagious and we see how we are changed in a good way when we travel and connect with all the beautiful ambassadors of love, protectors of Mother Earth, humble healers, quiet warriors behind the scenes spreading so much love, compassion and peace! WE SEE YOU! AND we want to stay connected and use this collective heart to heal and connect. Lift your voices and we will do our best to carry your voice in a good way, spreading “Poesitivity” where we’re able. Holding space for each other and holding the mirror to reflect our own Inner Lights.” - Sarah Poe (Poes for Peace)

Pictured here:

Winona Kasto,… Oyate Kiwitayapi Winyan means “Gathers People Woman"

Lakota Water Protector who shared her gift of cooking with love for thousands at Standing Rock. Winona is still serving to Protect the Sacred and we’re grateful for her walk.




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