Sometimes we get to play Cupid's helper

Finding the person you want to share this crazy journey of life with is a miracle: a beautiful, wild, amazing miracle! We celebrate LOVE in all things we do and when we are asked to capture these miracles of life, we feel so grateful and completely honored. 

This summer my daughter/assistant and I have shared in several proposals and each one has been so special!! I had no idea it was a thing to have your proposal photographed until I kept getting called over and over to do so. It's like playing cupid and spy all together and it's a blast! We've made shell hearts in the sand, created flower hearts and written love notes in the sand... all in the name of LOVE! If you know us, then you know how much we LOVE to spread LOVE so this work is right up our alley. 

The best part is hiding in the bushes and waiting. We've also had some helpers along the way pose for pretend shoots so the bride to be didn't know we were photographing her. This LOVE SPY work is perfect for us! We're grateful to be invited into these special moments and grateful to be able to do the work we love!

Keep spreading the love and so will we! 




Sarah PoeComment