Creative "studio" in the woods

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create: to play

verb  cre·ate  \krē-ˈāt\


  1. :  to cause to exist :  bring into existence :  produce


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Nature is my favorite space to create and always will be, but there is a feeling of walking into my special space meant for nothing more than to CREATE that I have been missing. So a few weeks ago I got an idea to create a studio space in nature that would still allow me to set up my lights and control the images I wanted to create. Using a pop up tent, some backdrops I've saved from my old studio and my faithful photogenic lights I set out to make a studio in the woods. 

I asked my friend Jessica to sit for me and we spent some time playing in my pop up studio. She's a strong and gorgeous woman, so it isn't a difficult challenge to create a beautiful portrait. We experimented with movement and lighting and I even flipped roles with her to step in front of the camera. 

We must be a little vulnerable in order to step of the camera and trust the photographer to create a portrait that reflects who we are in some way. I don't normally have to play that role but for this shoot I stepped in front of the camera for a few. Neither one of us had our hair or makeup done because like most of my ideas, it was spontaneous and I just dove in, and the end results were naturally lovely. 

Thanks for playing with me Jessica! This was so much fun. I love these images with my dreamcatcher wings and I will add them to my Sarah Album. One maybe day Monet and even my grandkids will look at the album of all the ages and stages and silliness that make me, ME.