Motherhood..the heart of life

At the heart of motherhood there lies the HEART of LIFE. Life is a journey of experiences that teach and shape us into our present selves. Some women enter motherhood after years of hoping and waiting, some come into the role by a pleasant surprise and others by careful planning. No matter how we came to fill the role as  mother, it is, in my opinion, the most valuable and beautiful role we play in life. Motherhood challenges us as every stage and pushes us to become our better selves. Our children become great teachers and push us to be our best. And when we fall short of our best, they give us back the unconditional love we have given them. It is and continues to be my greatest joy to be sharing this journey with my daughter Monet. The greatest gift we can give our children is unconditional love and as they grow it is my experience that that stream of love is exchanged and carried through our lives. It is a gift beyond any measure and I am grateful beyond words for the journey.


Sarah PoeComment