The queens of the King castle

In the sweetest neighborhood in Charleston (which happens to be my neighborhood and happens to be the best neighborhood) live 3 of my favorite gals, the queens of the King casa, Liz King and her daughters Bella King and Frankie King. I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Liz and her girls and her fantastic mother, Denny while she was visiting the family in June. We had so much fun shooting these 3 generations of lovely ladies. The women in our lives are so valuable and the time we are able to share with each other is such a gift. This is one of the reasons I love photographing the beautiful generations of a family. I wanted to share a few of the wonderful images we captured at their home. I love you ladies and look forward to sharing holiday toasts in a few months when Denny returns to the sweetest neighborhood in Charleston in December. Big LOVE to the Kings! 

xo Sarah

Sarah PoeComment