Danielle and Skylar

I have some serious garden dreams. I have it all dreamed out in my imagination. Beautiful colorful flowers and plants that bloom alternately all year, creating an ever changing yet magical garden with cucumbers, cilantro, peppers, greens, flowers, magical yard art, bed posts and oddities that create a magical world that I walk out into every morning.... This magical garden will take time, love, patience, practice and hard work to come to life.  It is a practice in patience. Something I could always use. And one day with a lot of hard work and with a little help form my friends, perhaps I'll have a little garden of my own.  For now, I can visit my friends magical gardens and enjoy all their hard work!  

 I happen to have several incredibly talented friends who work some serious magic with all things that grow from the earth.  They work so hard farming and growing plants and they work hard raisin' babies too. Recently, one of my farming friends reminded me that farming and gardening are a little like motherhood; planting seeds...then loving, nurturing and caring with compassion, patience, and time. And one day you wake up to find those seeds have grown into something amazing. And all that love comes back to you tenfold. All your time, love and hard work is growing before and around you. What a gift.  And what a gift to be a mama. 

I enjoyed a night with two of my favorite friends, Danielle and Sylar, this past Monday. In between a few Charleston thunderstorms we played in their magical garden. Danielle has the gift to turn everything that grows into something bold and beautiful, including  her very talented daughter, Skylar. Look for this lil darlin performing on a stage in town and head out to Johns Island's Sea Island Savory Herbs and let Danielle help you build your own magical garden. 

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