LOVE and locks of it!

My daughter, Monet, has a heart of sparkly gold. My earliest memories of her tenderness were little moments where she would cry if another child were crying. She was a hugger just like her mama from day one.  She's always had a soft spot for the underdog and a kindness for others. She is generous in spirit, thoughtful, and has filled my life with magic and love from the moment she entered my world. She is strong in heart and courageous and I am proud to be sharing my journey with her. She's growing rapidly into a young lady and I wonder often what changes her spirit will go through the next few years as she walks through adolescence. So far she is more passionate in ways and more sensitive at times but she is still my sweet Monet, the same beautiful spirit I know and love so deeply. 

It didn't surprise me when she asked me to cut off her hair so she could donate it to Locks of Love. Of coarse, I had an overwhelming desire to photograph her long hair before I chopped it off.  And she always appeases me. So we had fun creating images for a few days and then tonight we had fun cutting her hair.

Sarah Poe1 Comment