Mother daughter challenge on!

This mornings lessons began with a challenge! A challenge for BOTH sides of our brains. Monet and I share similar challenges and strengths. We are both very creative and we are both challenged in math and reading.  Multiplication has especially been an arch enemy that we have battled over the years. Even before I home schooled Monet we tried games, flashcards, puzzles and anything new I found to try to master the dreaded times tables.  Later we discovered that we were challenged in this area because our brain sees numbers and letters uniquely so we needed to take a different approach to math, reading and writing. People who are dyslexic are just as bright and intelligent as people who aren't. We just process differently. Monet and I are similar as mother and daughter in these challenges as well as in our strengths creatively. She is so bright and  blessed with a lot of strengths. She is highly creative and quite the entrepreneur. She has a heart of glittery goodness and she inspires me everyday. These are the gifts and joys of being able to teach my daughter at home. We learn from each other everyday. 

This morning we decided that for Mother's Day this year we would challenge ourselves to a 30 day challenge for both sides of our brain,  a  creative challenge as well as a multiplication mastery challenge. We both have a handful of multiplication facts that we just can't seem to master so for the next 30 days we are going to drill the facts and master them.

Creatively we are challenging ourselves to create 30 new images that we have been talking about. Monet is working on a Pet Photography portfolio so she may be knocking on doors to borrow your dogs, cats or hermit crabs. Your pet could possibly get glittered and glammed up in the process. I'm just saying that our pets have endured a lot of make overs and stylings. Sometimes they love it, other times they run.  She wants to start a blog so stayed tuned for that creation. I am challenging myself to complete 30 images that have been in my bonnet to create for months. From sunrise to sunset I am going to be creating some personal pieces that have been floating around my head. I have so many important woman in my life who I want to capture. And I have a lot of mother's and daughters that are inspirational friends in my life who I want to photograph. I believe its so valuable to have your portraits created with your family and I am excited to give this gift to some of my favorite moms this month. Woman who are working hard balancing work, home and heart.

I am so grateful to be Monet's mama. It is the greatest gift, challenge and JOY of my entire life. She inspires me daily to be my best self, to work through my challenges and to grow. She inspires me to accept who I am and where I am in life. Swa-ha! We are exactly where we are meant to be in this moment.  

Monet and I look forward to learning, growing and creating this month and we look forward to sharing with you.

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