Ria Grace

Our Native Americans ancestors believed that we are each born with a "bend", meaning our purpose. Each tree or limb found its purpose according to its "bend". Straight and strong twigs were used for arrows, trees with flexibility were used for bows. Everything in nature served a purpose based on their bend, there natural gifts were used to support a specific purpose for good. I believe one of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to help them find their "bend" and then support them in using their gifts with whatever they choose to do with their lives. We should also follow this truth in our lives. We all know that there is an immense joy and peace when we are able to do what we love and what we are gifted at naturally. I am grateful everyday that I living my true path and using my "bend" to follow that path. 

My dear friend Cali Artigues is following her true path at the sweet age of 16.  Her creative "bend" is a calling in clothing design and she has already released her first complete collection this year and is working on her next line of bohemian beach wear. She has enough talent in her little finger to keep her creating for a very long time. With her heart of gold and her drive this Charleston sweetheart is one to watch. She is compassionate and genuine and so brilliantly talented. I photographed her first collection this past year and recently photographed a sneak peak at her newest collection. I was so happy to spend a fun evening on Folly Beach with Cali and her fantastic group of friends photographing. You can find Cali's work at https://www.facebook.com/RiaGraceByCaliArtigues. Keep an eye on this little darlin! She is one of my favorites. And she gets it honestly from her mom Holly who runs two amazing health centered businesses (dishithealthy.com for healthy organic meals delivered to you and Reality Fitness personal training). The talent, heart  and hard work come naturally to this family.

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